The goal of Fit Living Lifestyle is to inspire people around the globe to seek out a new experience and unique travel adventure. To live life instead of just going through the motions. A belief that travel is the perfect avenue to enhance the ability to find those experiences.  Join us on our hiking and adventure journey around the globe!


About Me

I am the middle of three brothers and was born and raised in the lovely state of Washington. My family is very close-knit and we love to have fun. I frequently preferred spending time with my vast extended family versus going to parties and activities with friends since we are all so close.

I’ve always loved the outdoors and seeing new places, so I spent a lot of time traveling around the mountains, woods, and lakes of the Pacific Northwest. My favorite pastimes were camping, hiking, rock climbing, and kayaking, and I had aspirations of relocating to Alaska to live the life of a mountain man.

Ultimately, I chose not to live the mountain man’s life, but I have given many other things a shot. I’ve worked in sales, law enforcement, and have had my own wedding DJ, portrait photography, and personal training companies (which I still do on occasion). I served in the army for six years, including a year-long deployment to Iraq.

I have interests than merely picking a career. I also frequently decide at random whatever new task or talent I wish to master, with different degrees of success. Examples of this include mixed martial arts (MMA), Argentine tango, capoeira, fire dance, surfing, rock climbing, making flutes from wood pipes, virtual reality (VR), and Star Trek trivia, to mention a few. It keeps things exciting.

Since 2013, my companion Sarah Hughes and I have been traveling the world full-time. Sarah is a travel writer and co-owner of many websites. Together, we manage a variety of specialized blogs and websites and take pleasure in discovering the globe. To provide our viewers with the most current and helpful information so they can better plan their vacations and lifestyles, we collaborate with tourist boards, destinations, hotels, and other brands throughout the globe.

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