Product Reviews

Product Reviews

Some of the latest products we have reviewed here at Fit Living Lifestyle and what we thought of them.

Zing Anything

zing anything
Tea Zinger – Zing54 – Citrus Zinger

A unique brand within the health and fitness industry is Zing Anything. They provide various kitchen tools and bottles to add natural flavors to your water, tea and more.

After using 3 of there products I can definitely see the appeal of these products to help promote healthy drinking while enjoying the many unique flavors you can create.

Let start first with the Citrus Zinger. It is a great personal drinking bottle with attachments to add not only flavors but nutrients to your water. The best part about this particular product is there is a chamber in the bottom of the bottle that allows you to keep whatever you have added separate from the rest of the bottle and only add the flavor and nutrients.

One of my favorite recipes is to slice a quarter of a cucumber into the bottle, then squeeze half a lemon into the bottom chamber. Bam! Cucumber Lemon water! The plus side is you can keep those ingredients in the bottle and reuse them 2-3 times. 

Next, the Tea Zinger, this one is used similar to the Citrus Zinger but for hot tea. It has added a steeping tool within the top of the bottle to add your favorite loose or bagged tea. Then you can use the other tools to customize your tea experience by adding in other flavor and nutrients.

My favorite recipe for that is to use a green tea, then add in some ginger and half an orange. Delicious!

Finally the Zing54. This works similar to the rest of their products but in a 54 oz package. This enables you to bring the ability of the citrus zinger to a large group. Can you say fresh Strawberry-Mint-Lemonade at the next BBQ? Or how about a tasty Sangria?

The Zing54 also has a awesome muddling wand to really bring out the added flavors, plus a barrier to keep all your pulp and rinds within the container when pouring.

I love throwing in a cup a fresh or frozen fruit and a couple springs of fresh mint, muddle it all up for a refreshing nutritional drink.

The conclusion is these products really do work. They help you drink more healthy fluids. They add extra needed nutrients to your life that you may not otherwise get. As a bonus creating and experimenting with various recipes is a lot of fun!

Water is a necessity of life. You should drink more of it and when you do, try to add a bit of zing to it!

Jambu Boots

jambu BootsFootwear is an important part of travel and adventure. I tried out these dual purpose boots from Jambu. Brushed leather, waterproof high top boots.

They wear similar to a pair of military boots, which is good as they can be worn all day long and get the job done.

I have tested them out while camping and hiking and they did a good job with their support and traction.

The boots came with two sets of laces, black ones and red ones. I like the contrast of the red ones, but can quickly switch them out if I need a more professional look.

That is what makes these boots dual purpose, you can go from a hike and with a quick brush of the boots be ready for a business meeting.

I have only done day hikes with these and look forward to trying them out in a long trek scenario or perhaps on a multi-day city walking press trip. Remember, what you put on your feet can effect your experience of any adventure. Make sure you purchase good footwear and test them beforehand.



Cabin Zero

Cabin ZeroI had the pleasure to try out an upcoming British travel brand called Cabin Zero. They make various backpacks and luggage bags for the avid traveler. 

As a former Army guy, I opted for the military inspired 44L Lightweight Cabin Bag.  The design of this bag is like an open floor plan on a house. One huge compartment.

Then you have a zippered section on the inside flap. It also has a laptop protection pad within the large compartment. On the outside flap of the bag you have a large side zipper that allows for documents or quick access to important items while on the move.

They finished it off with military webbing around the pack to attach various pouches or various items. They are fairly comfortable shoulder and waist straps that cinch up to your desired comfort.

The material used is very durable and seems to be able to take wear and tear. This really is a dual purpose pack for on the go traveling plus your outdoor excursions.

I have used this pack multiple times now from camping to week long press trips. I am even thinking about making it my full-time pack for world travel. A few more tests and we will see. So far so good though!

In closing it is a good all around backpack for those holidays where you want to bring one pack that can get you through the airport and onto your next adventure with ease and allows you to bring what you need.




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