Things to Bring on a Road Trip

Hardly anything surpasses filling up the vehicle, creating fresh playlists, grabbing a few podcast series, and driving out on the open road for a trip. “What are the essential things to bring on a road trip?” Everybody has asked themselves that question at least once while planning a trip. It can be an exciting experience, or a daunting one, depending on how much you prepare for the journey. We would like to share a few pointers and words of advice with you about what you should pack for your upcoming road trip. You may also enjoy this list of gifts for travel couples if you are traveling with a partner.

Our List of Things to Bring on a Road Trip

Extra Layer of Clothing

“So, what do I need?” This is the most common question people ask when packing for a road trip. Well, here’s the short answer: whatever you’re comfortable in. If you’re staying in hotels, it can be anything from business casual to your pajamas (we prefer the latter). The main takeaway here is to bring something along the lines of a light sweater or coat, especially if you aren’t staying in hotels. It can be quite cold, depending on where you’re driving to, and you don’t want to feel uncomfortably cold during your trip. Additionally, it’s always nice to have an extra layer of clothing for those chilly nights. I like to always have these base layers that I call “Silkies,” on every trip. They can be used for lounging or under your clothes for the colder days and nights.

Backpack or Other Bag

The question that should really be asked is not “What do I need?” but instead “Where should I put what I’m bringing?”. In other words, make sure you have a place to put all your stuff! Backpacks are great since they distribute weight evenly throughout your body, and you can bring them on hikes or trips to the beach. A small duffle bag is also good for bringing along things like a sweater and sneakers (for those meetings at the office), as well as swimmers/beachwear if you’re going to be visiting someplace with a pool or ocean.

Skincare by Land & Lore

When looking for things to bring on a Road Trip, not much is as important as your skin. Whether you are headed into the heat of Summer or the crisp Winter, skincare by Land & Lore will have you covered. Their organic, all-natural, USA-made products are said to be created with ancient methods that are backed by science. And you can definitely tell after the first time you use it. My “go-to” is the Land & Lore basic kit, which comes with the cleanser and moisturizer.

The cleanser deep cleans even the most gritty dirt from my adventure battered skin and the moisturizer revitalizes and restores it all day long. Mother nature can be harsh on your skin, so why not trust mother nature to also clean and protect it, and Land & Lore does just that. They also help protect Mother Nature by planting a tree with every purchase! Bonus: Use my discount code “FIT20” at checkout receive 20% off your purchase.

Bluffworks Trevi Dress

The Buffworks Trevi Dress is actually one of the best gifts that you can have with you on a road trip. The dress is ideal for long and short-term trips because of its odor-wicking and wrinkle-resistant fabric that makes it easier to put in your Luggage. Additionally, it has six Built-in Pockets where you can put your wallet, passport, phone, and anything between that. The dress makes for the best gift for your road trip fanatic girlfriend. 

A Portable Charger

Whether you’re driving for 12 hours or 12 minutes, make sure you have a way to charge your phone at all times. A portable charger will keep it running for days (literally), and there are tons of different kinds out there that fit most budgets. You can get the Belkin Lighting Cable Tassel and you’ll never have to hunt for a charger and power bank again. With this gift, your best friend is ready to get to the next charging station she comes across. 

If you want to save yourself some money, make sure you bring along your phone’s original charger, as well as an extra charging cord (if applicable). 

First-Aid Kit & Medicine

We cannot stress this enough: staying healthy is the number 1 priority for any road trip! Make sure you bring a well-stocked first aid kit and pack a few essentials just in case. Things to bring on a road trip First aid kit include bandages, alcohol swabs, tissues/napkins, sunscreen (please bring this!), antibacterial wipes, pain relievers, and allergy medication.

Remember to keep all of your medicine in a sealed container! You don’t want all of your things smelling like cough syrup by the end of the trip.

License and Registration

You are going on a road trip, right? You now need to make sure you have the right documentation for driving and traveling especially if you are considering bringing your RV. The laws and legal documentation can vary from one state, Municipality, or City to the other. Just remember to have all your documents with you.

Cooler, Cooking and Other Essentials

A cooler is a must especially for bringing cold drinks and food on the road. Just make sure you keep it stocked with your favorite snacks, fruits, and drinks. This will save time on stopping by fast foods along the way that can deplete your budget if you are not careful about where to stop. If only you had a cooler with you, your road trip experience will be so much better. For a regular road trip, you may not need a huge amount of supplies but when on a long trip you may be better off with full RV or Caravan Essentials.

Toiletries and Personal Care Items

This one is important because if you’re on the road for hours, you would want to freshen up often. This is even more crucial for those who are sharing a car or RV with other people. Pack all of your essentials like toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo/conditioner, body wash, contact lens solution (if applicable), sunscreen, moisturizer, face wash, etc.

Battery Operated Fan

This is one of the most underrated items that you will ever bring on your road trip, but it can make or break your experience. Most cars and RVs do not have air conditioning units built into their interiors. If this is your case, you need to bring along a fan (preferably battery-operated) with you. These handheld fans are cheap and easy to find at any store. You can also consider getting this Portable Rechargeable Fan because it provides 360-degree rotation for full room cooling, has three-speed settings, and is lightweight enough that you can pack it along on your travels with you.

Quip Toothbrush Set

The best to consider in this case is the Quip Toothbrush Set. Oral hygiene is one big tussle when on a long trip. In this case, make sure you have this kit because it packs you all the essentials you need along the way to deal with Oral Health. The Kit is expertly designed with the perfect level of vibration and the right-sized bristles to just make your teeth gleam. Another added advantage is the fact that the charger is slim-line and the brush has a timer to just let you know when you are done.  What’s more, the Quip toothbrush Set is completely replaceable. Anytime you want to replace your toothbrush, all you need is to order the handle and the head in regular size or large. 

Babyliss Pro Travel Dryer

You’re on a long road trip and you can agree with me that there’s nothing as boring and tiring as trying to style your hair using an old-fashioned hotel Blow Dryer. It’s always advisable to have your own hairdryer and the best recommendation, in this case, is the Babyliss pro Travel Dryer.  It has a foldable handle and comes with an easy-to-carry pouch.

When you want to buy the Babyliss pro Travel Dryer, make sure you go for it because it’s made especially for traveling and its foldable handle is bang on. It also has a 2-meter long cord and weighs ½ pound! You can therefore pack it even in your weekend getaway kit.

Road Atlas or Google Map 

One of the most important items to ensure that you have with you is a Road Atlas. This will help you track your location and find out which way to go next when getting lost on any journey you are taking.

If there’s one item that can make or break your road trip, it has to be this one. You need to have a device that will let you know about the weather and forecasts along your route. The last thing you want is to get stuck in a thunderstorm and not find shelter for hours! Make sure you always use Google Maps and keep checking weather updates along your way. You can also download an offline map with Google Maps in case you do not have service.


This might seem like a no-brainer but you would be surprised at how many people forget to pack a Flashlight when going on road trips! You never know what’s in store for you and whether there will be enough sunlight to see your way around. Always carry an efficient, reliable pocket flashlight with you via the Road Trip Must Pack! Guide!


The worst thing you can do when going on a road trip is to overlook packing an umbrella. Along the way, it is very likely that you will experience rain and if at this point, you don’t have an umbrella with you; then you might spend hours looking for shelter in your car or in any shady tree. You can easily get a compact umbrella such as the 42 inches Portable Folding Umbrella which is rainproof and foldable, making it very easy to pack.


In case you have a breakdown or your car breaks down when going on a trip, make sure you have everything in place in order to notify other motorists in case of an emergency and to try to solve the emergency.  This includes putting together a flare to notify motorists of your presence. In most cases, you might have to wait for hours before help arrives so make sure you pack enough water and something to eat along with this one.

Miscellaneous Things to Bring on a Road Trip

Other items include Sunglasses, an extra set of clothes in case the ones you wore get wet or dirty, snacks, gloves & hand warmers, a pillow, a bottle opener, matches, or a lighter.


Along the way, you will experience so many things and enjoy or get disappointed with what you see. Make sure you have all the necessary things to bring on a road trip because I can assure you that it’s always better to have them than regret you didn’t later.

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