8 Best Hikes Near Montreal Canada

Travelling is one of the straightforward ways to recharge oneself. Exploring cities and tackling different adventures frees the mind and brings up the physical endurance we crave. However, if you like to travel, you would know that all the expenses for even a small tour can cost a good buck. 

So, what to do when you want to save your money and still get all the benefits of simple traveling?

Go for a hike! Yes, a hike is a great option when you need fresh air and to create a memorable experience with nature.

Although Montreal is a pleasant and attractive metropolis for its own sake, its closeness to gorgeous natural regions is indeed one of the best features. Hiking near Montreal is among the finest methods to go outside and discover several of Quebec’s most stunning peaks, waterways, and parks.

Here we discuss the eight best hikes near Montreal Canada that you can enjoy. These treks around Montreal provide a getaway to wildlife as well as breathtaking mountainous vistas. The majority of these also have many routes so you are never bored and can change up your routine. 

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1) Mount Royal Hikes Near Montreal

Time: 1 hour

Trail Length: 6 km

Elevation gain: 659.3 ft

Difficulty level: Intermediate

Location: Parc du Mont-Royal

Hikes near Montreal Mount Royal
Hikes near Montreal Mount Royal

Mont-Royal is known to be a perfect hike for beginners. This low incline hike provides a stunning view of the city’s skyline, making you go for another round around the trail.

Mont-Royal has about four trials that could lead you to the mountain, where you would find a mesmerizing and breathtaking oasis to take pictures of. Best of all, its beauty is maintained throughout the year. It means no excuses for a wildlife experience that is yet to come. 

The trail has stairs and an option for off-roading, so it depends on your endurance level and how you want to enjoy this arboreal hike.

2) Le Haut-Lieu Trail L’Escapade

Time: 3 hours

Trail Length: 13.5 km 

Elevation gain: 60m

Difficulty level: Easy-Intermediate

Location: Sentiers de L’Escapade

Le Haut-Lieu Trail Hike near Montreal
Le Haut-Lieu Trail Hike near Montreal

The La Haut-Lieu Trail is perfect for those who want to spend time in nature, as this looped trail is filled with woods and the jawdropping beauty of Montreal forest life. 

You can hop on the trail from different tracks and enjoy the adventure through hiking. However, its cross-country skis are also well known for easily keeping you busy for an entire day. The trail also has a designated cycling path, a perfect way to ride your summer on.

3) The Island of Montreal – Lachine canal

Time: 1-2 hours

Trail Length: 4.1 miles

Elevation gain: 223 ft

Difficulty level: Easy

Location: Westmount

Lachine canal hikes near Montreal
Lachine canal hikes near Montreal

The Lachine canal is one of those trails in Canada that accompanies you with mesmerizing urban beauty and goes on throughout the city, promising an unseen scenery of Montreal. 

But you know what makes this trail perfect for summers? 

Its specially designed paths for bicycles, rollerbladers, and runners. You can even go canoeing and kayaking, taking in all the shores of the lake. 

The trail is also completely flat, perfect for beginners, and a low endurance picnic walk.

4) Lac-du-Pimbina Trail Near Montreal

Time: 2 hours 6 minutes

Trail Length: 8.1 miles

Elevation gain: 638m

Difficulty level: Intermediate

Location: La Mauricie National Park

Lac-du-Pimbina Trail near Montreal
Lac-du-Pimbina Trail near Montreal

The Lac-du-Pimbina trail is located in the La Mauricie National Park, guaranteeing us a breathtaking beauty spotted throughout the park. The lakes and trees combine to form a scenery that you can only see in movies. Advanced hikers mainly prefer this trail as the elevation gain is 638 m which is not recommended for once-in-a-time hikers. However, if you’re going to get on this trail, make sure that you carry bear spray with you and learn a few bear handle tricks as they are also the most upcoming sites in the park.

5) Mont Tremblant Grand Prix des couleurs Hike Near Montreal

Time: 1.5 hours

Trail Length: 2.7 km

Elevation gain: 4800 ft

Difficulty level: Intermediate

Location: Quebec

Mont Tremblant hikes near Montreal
Mont Tremblant hikes near Montreal

Located in the northwest, the Mont Tremblant is a perfect way to reach the top of the Laurentian Mountains. However, warm up your body before starting, as you will need a high endurance level for this one-way hike. 

This trail is a perfect way to get your steps in a while enjoying the wild beauty of nature that you would never be able to enjoy from your apartment’s balcony. This ski hill is proven to be a great hiking trail for summers.

6) Moose Back Loop Parc d’environnement naturel de Sutton

Time: 3 hours

Trail Length: 7.3 km

Elevation gain: 38 m

Difficulty level: Intermediate

Location: Québec

Parc d'environnement naturel de Sutton
Parc d’environnement naturel de Sutton

As the name suggests, Moose Back Loop is one of the best-looped trails. So much so that it’s also known as a Round Top Trail. 

The trail offers you a stunning view of the woods and the great Green Mountain valley. It also has very few visitors than the other trails mentioned above, making it the best inspirational nature escape.

However, this quality also comes with a con. Moose back loop has low maintenance, so choosing this trail could be a yes to a very rugged wildlife adventure.

7) The Gorge Canyon Trail Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook

Time: 2 hours

Trail Length: 3.5 km

Elevation gain: 229 ft

Difficulty level: Easy-Intermediate

Location: Coaticook

Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook hiking near Montreal
Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook hiking near Montreal

The Gorge de Coaticook trail is one of the shortest trails to follow. Here you will be accompanied by the stunning glimpses of the suspension bridge and deep canyon. Also, the greenery and the wildlife experience you’d be getting in less than 2 hours time frame would be mind-boggling. So, hop on your bags and tie on your laces because you are ready for a treat that is not so easy to say no to.

8) Mont Ste. Hilaire Hikes Near Montreal Dieppe Trail

Time: 1.5 hours

Trail Length: 3.8 km

Elevation gain: 240 ft

Difficulty level: Easy

Location: Southeastern Quebec

Mont Ste. Hilaire hikes near Montreal
Mont Ste. Hilaire hikes near Montreal

The Mont Ste. Hilaire is one of the best child-friendly trails ever to exist. This trail can be an easy yet fun educational trail for kids as it offers a look at more than 800 different species of butterflies, including Dreamy Dusky Wing and Arctic Skipper. Not only that, but it is also a home for the Peregrine Falcons. The UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and Gault Nature Reserve is a well-known tourist attraction as well.

Bottom Line:

Hikes are proven to be one of the best ways to keep your mind and body in shape. And as the Covid 19 restrictions have slowly been lifting, this calls for everyone to get back out in nature and recharge and reset the mind and body. So check out one of these hikes near Montreal to choose for yourself and your friends. Go explore and enjoy all nature has to offer.

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