Awesome Adventure in Phuket with the TAGTHAi App

Welcome to our guide to Adventure in Phuket with the TAGTHAi App! The magnificent beaches, pristine oceans, and mountainous landscape of Phuket, a lovely island in southern Thailand, are its most notable features. For anybody who wants to explore the island and take advantage of all it has to offer, the TAGTHAi Phuket Pass is essential.

With the pass, you may take advantage of savings on area attractions and transportation as well as a range of adventure activities including ziplining in Phuket, a massage in Phuket Town, bathing elephants, snorkeling in Phuket and more. We’ll offer you a brief summary of the TAGTHAi Phuket Pass and a few of the best adventure activities in Phuket in this post.

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Adventure in Phuket Snorkeling and Relaxing on Banana Beach Koy Hey

Banana Beach is a beach that can be found on the island of Koh Hey, commonly referred to as Koh Hae, which is situated in Phuket, Thailand. The island is famed for its stunning beaches and crystal clear seas, and it is situated just off the southeast coast of Phuket. Swimming, lounging in the sun, and participating in other water sports like snorkeling and scuba diving are all popular activities that people enjoy doing at Banana Beach.

Snorkeling and Relaxing on Banana Beach Koy Hey
Adventure in Phuket Snorkeling and Relaxing on Banana Beach Koy Hey

There are palm trees all along the beach, and the vibe there is one of unwinding and taking it easy. Because there is a restaurant, bar and a gift shop at the beach, spending the day there is a very handy option. The beach also has some amazing lounging areas and swings, plus a beach themed workout area for Tik Tok or Instagram perfect content to be created.

It is only a 20 min boat ride from Chalong Pier and they tend to offer two departure times in the morning and two return times in the afternoon. With the TAGTHAi app Banana Beach experience you get transportation to and from your hotel, snorkeling gear, a towel and lunch included. Reserve a few days prior to make sure they have room for you. This is a fun full day Adventure in Phuket with the TAGTHAi App.

Adventure in Phuket Ziplining Phuket at Hanuman World

When utilizing the TAGTHAi App for Adventure in Phuket , ziplining Phuket at Hanuman World is a must. You get the Combine C+ package when you sign up for the Phuket pass. This provides an amazing Phuket Ziplining experience with 3 fun ziplines, 2 Abseils, a spiral staircase climb, the exciting 800m. Jungle Roller Coaster and a trek on the jungle sky walk. The whole experience takes around 1 and a half to 2 hours to complete.

The package also includes a buffet lunch, and all gear for the activities. Guides will walk you through each step to make sure you are safe and enjoy every minute. They are quite hilarious! Make sure to reserve your timeslot and day before activating your pass on the app as they may sell out slots during peak days.

Ziplining Phuket at Hanuman World
Adventure in Phuket Ziplining Phuket at Hanuman World

The property is filled with art and buildings to entice your imagination while providing a glimpse into history and mythology of Hanuman. Hanuman is a Hindu deity and a central character in the Hindu epic poem the Ramayana. He is the son of the wind god Vayu and the monkey goddess Anjana, and is known for his great strength, courage, and devotion. In Hindu art, Hanuman is often shown as a figure that resembles a monkey and has a robust body as well as a long tail.

2 Hour Thai Massage in Phuket Town at Raintree Spa

Now I am not a huge fan of deep tissue massages, so when I get a Thai massage in Phuket Town Thailand, I often tell them to be gentle or very soft. Raintree Spa is just outside of the main area of Old Town Phuket. With the TAGTHAi app you get your choice of various 2 hour massages. I opted for the 2 hour massage and aromatherapy treatment. It starts with 1 hour of Thai massage and then a 1 hour oil massage using a aromatherapy oil of your choice. I chose lemongrass as I love the smell and well, it’s Thailand.

2 Hour Thai Massage in Phuket Town at Raintree Spa
2 Hour Thai Massage in Phuket Town at Raintree Spa

On arrival, they greet you with flavored water and a cold towel to cool off. After that you get your feet washed and provided slippers to wear. Then it is off for your two hour spa treatment with your masseuse who will stretch, bend, massage and rub all the ailments from your body in a room with relaxing music and a shower if needed.

After your rejuvenating time, you get dressed and it’s back out to the lobby for a tea, a cookie and another cold towel. It is best to reserve at least a day in advance and make sure to tip your masseuse. If you have not received a full Thai massage before, it is definitely an adventure in Phuket in its own right.

Chicken Curry and Roti at Kopi de Phuket Cafe & Restaurant

Kopi de Phuket Cafe & Restaurant‘s food and staff were a delight. The TAGTHAi app will give you a couple options for meals and I chose the Chicken Curry and Roti and I’m glad I did as it was delicious. The curry was perfect spiciness as I told them medium spice and the roti almost melted in my mouth. Besides food, the place also sells various items such as their famous homemade kaya jam, honey, teas and more. Definitely a great hidden gem in Phuket!

Chicken Curry and Roti at Kopi de Phuket Cafe & Restaurant
Chicken Curry and Roti at Kopi de Phuket Cafe & Restaurant

Elephant Bathing Phuket at Eco Elephant Park Phuket

An elephant sanctuary called Eco Elephant Park Phuket is situated near Bang Tao, Phuket, Thailand. It is a location where people can learn about and engage with these magnificent creatures.

Visitors may engage in a variety of activities at the Eco Elephant Park, including feeding and washing the elephants, watching them play and swim, and understanding about their environment and habits. The park also provides teaching programs on protecting elephants and the significance of doing so for coming generations.

Adventure in Phuket Eco Elephant Park Phuket

The TAGTHAi app Phuket pass gives a 1 hour feeding and bathing experience with the elephants at the Eco Elephant Park Phuket near Bang Tao. It is important to note that ethical elephant tourism is a complex issue and it is important to do research and choose a reputable facility when visiting places like this. It is important to ensure that the elephants are well cared for and that the activities offered do not involve any harmful or abusive practices. There are many opinions on the topics of riding, bathing and even feeding elephants at sanctuaries.

Now paying to bath or feed elephants while on vacation is not a great solution for the ethical care of elephants as these elephants at some point had to be broken and trained to be safe around humans, it is better than riding camps or circuses. In reality, an elephant sanctuary should enable the elephant to enjoy the landscape, eat and bath themselves without the need of interacting with tourists.

Unfortunately, Thailand and much of Southeast Asia is not quite there yet. The Thai Government has stopped promoting the riding of elephants and the hope is that they will budget enough money for sanctuaries to create properties where tourists may observe the elephants from a distance.

About the TAGTHAi app

TAGTHAi is a platform for partnership between the Thai government and the private sector that hopes to make journeys in Thailand more straightforward, hassle-free, and accommodating to the requirements of a wide range of different types of travelers, such as their lifestyle choices, desires, and languages. On both iOS and Android smartphones, the app is down loadable.

Adventure in Phuket TAGTHAi Phuket Pass
Adventure in Phuket TAGTHAi Phuket Pass

The TAGTHAi app not only helps you plan and book your vacation or getaway in Thailand through a booking module for hotels and flights but provides a database of tourism spots with articles on top places to visit, tips and itineraries. Some of these itineraries are for the platforms top feature, their passes.

Like I said, one of the biggest features on the app is the ability to buy regional and city tourism passes that provide you access to numerous services and attractions for tourists in Thailand for one flat fee. These permits are created to make it simpler and more convenient for travelers to go to Thailand, see various attractions, and shop while saving tons money.

There are a variety of passes available depending on what you plan to do or where you are visiting during your stay in Thailand. All of the passes have a range of offerings that grant access to a variety of tourist attractions and services. These attractions and services include landmarks such as museums and temples, a variety of outdoor activities like ziplining or beach getaways, cultural experiences like feeding or bathing elephants, shopping discounts, and local meals at popular eating establishments.

As of the writing of this article, they offer passes for Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Chang Mai and Ayutthaya. Each pass can range from 1 or 3 days depending on the destination, so planning your experiences to get the full benefit of your pass is ideal. The app provides sample itineraries to get the most out of it.

How to use the TAGTHAi app?

So once you have downloaded the app and decided and purchased the pass of your choice, the next step is to decide when to activate it. You don’t want to activate it until you have planned your excursions or days. Once you activate then you only have a certain period of time to utilize the benefits. Some activities and benefits require you to reserve in advance. Directions should be at the bottom of each individual activity within the app.

Once you’ve scrolled through the pass you’ve purchased and decided and reserved your benefits, its time to activate your app before heading out for your day of adventure and fun. Whether you are headed to a outdoor adventure with elephants, a massage or eating green curry at a restaurant, you will want to notify them upon arrival that you will be utilizing the TAGTHAI app, click redeem on the app and they will need to scan the QR code from your phone. Boom, your are set! Now just sit back and enjoy the experience.

**Don’t forget to tip as you would if paying out of pocket as that is not included in the flat rate of the pass.

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