2015 Gifts for Fitness Lovers and Outdoor Adventure

Looking for gifts for fitness lovers or maybe outdoor adventure? Well it is that time of year. Thanksgiving is over and it is time to start thinking of what to put under the Christmas tree. I know this can be a busy and hectic time with all the holiday parties, shopping and winter storms.

So I did a little of the leg work for you on the shopping end of things. I have put together a list of some unique ideas of gifts for fitness lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Other utilizing some services from this site like the Fitness Gift Card. Some of the best fitness gifts are outdoor related gifts. Gets people outside and active.

Please scroll through my list and shop away. Save time and money this holiday season with this post. Remember if you are doing some online shopping this year, make sure you have Prime. Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

List of Gifts for Fitness Lovers and Outdoor Adventure:

Advanced Elements Kayak

Gifts for fitness lovers

I own this exact model. I have taken it down a river, around lakes and to islands in Puget Sound. This gets you where you want to go on water while burning calories and creating your own unique adventure along the way. Folds into a bag for easy transport too. Get one for yourself or your adventure partner

Atlantis Paddle Board (SUP)

Gifts for fitness lovers and outdoor gift ideas

Paddle Boarding can be a great workout and definitely improves your balance. If you haven’t tried it yet I highly recommend it. Some people even practice yoga on the water and there are many paddle board meet up groups. If you or someone you know needs one of these in their life, now is the time to get one.

Gopro Hero 4 Silver

Gifts for fitness lovers and gifts for outdoors

Documenting your adventures in order to relive those glorious and spectacular moments is what this tiny little guy is best at. It attached to just about anything and can be used for almost any adventure on both land and water. The silver edition is my favorite because it has the built in touch screen and viewer. I take it on all my adventures and so should you!  Get one now!

Alps Mountaineering Chaos Tent

Gifts for fitness lovers and outdoor adventures

Need a place to bed down on your adventure. This lightweight tent will provide comfort and security for you and a partner and create that unique adventurous home away from home. Don’t leave home without it!

Cyclamatic Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike

Gifts for fitness lovers and outdoor adventures

Let’s see….your telling me I can have a mountain bike for my adventures outdoors and a cheap commuter for work all while becoming healthier and helping the environment for under a grand? Sign me up! This bad boy will get you 30 miles on a single charge.

Garmin GPSMAP 62st Handheld GPS Navigator

Gifts for fitness lovers and outdoor gift ideas

One of the most important things while out on your adventures is not to get lost. This gadget will not only get you home so you can share your stories and videos with your friends and family. it will also allow you to go back and find those unique and hidden gems you came across on your adventure.

OKO H2O Odyssey 6 in 1 Water Bottle

Gifts for fitness lovers and hiking gifts

Hydration! Say it with me…”hydration.” Very important to stay hydrated during fitness and adventure. This bottle not only has 2 filter levels to wet your palate, it has a drinking/storage cup, a flashlight, beacon/strobe and handle for lantern use. I always love multi-use equipment.

ProKnots Outdoor Knots Cards

Gifts for fitness lovers and gifts for outdoors

Stocking Stuffer Alert! This is the gift that keeps on giving. Knot knowledge is beneficial in so many situations. Survival, camping, boating, around the house, etc. Keep these handy cards in your survival kit, on your boat or in your backpack. Get a few, they are great small gifts.

The Friendly Swede Paracord Bracelet w/ Fires Starter and Knife

Gifts for fitness lovers and outdoor gear gifts

Stocking Stuffer Alert! Have you ever read one of those stories of someone who for whatever reason got trapped somewhere in the wilderness or perhaps during a natural disaster? Have some peace of mind for you and your loved ones by getting a few of these bracelets. Always have the ability to start a fire, tie something down or cut your way out of a situation. Wonderful little gifts!

Snow Crossbow Launcher

Gifts for fitness lovers and gifts for outdoor fun

Kid Alert! The kids will love this one. Launching snowballs from a crossbow. How much cooler can you get? Plus you earn some great brownie points with your nieces, nephews or grand kids. Heck you may even get one for yourself and join in on the fun. Imagine how many calories a snowball fight burns. Hurry before winter is over!

Thanks for checking out my 2015 List of Gifts for Fitness Lovers and Outdoor Adventure. I hope you enjoy your holidays and I encourage you to get out there and create a unique adventure for you and your family. Stay active and stay healthy!

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