What is the Best Hiking Attire For the PNW

Are you planning a hiking trip to the Pacific Northwest? The PNW has some of the best hiking and pristine nature in the world. Below is a list of the Best Hiking Attire to consider when you explore this beautiful area of the world.

Now on a sunny day the Pacific Northwest can be spectacular, but the area is well known for it’s rain as well. So it is best to prepare for all conditions if you are out on the trail. We have separated this list into various sections to better plan your individual trips and what you may need.

Hiking Gear List

Shorts and Pants

In order to be comfortable on the trail you want shorts or pants that have a bit of give as you raise your knees up over rocks and fallen timbers that may be on the trail. It is also important to make sure the material will dry fairly quickly but also has the ability to breath.


I prefer to wear some sort of comfortable T-shirt and then depending on the weather, have a button up trail shirt to wear over. When you are in the PNW it is all about layers. Again you want something that breathes and dries quickly. It is also a good idea for it to be fairly light if you end up throwing it in the pack part way up the mountain.

Hiking Jackets

Jackets are a must in the PNW unless you know for certain that it is nothing but sun for the foreseeable future, but the weather can always change while on the trail or in the mountains. There are even times when it may be very warm while hiking, but once you reach the summit, waterfall or scenic lookout, it may be quite chilly or windy when you stop.

Hiking Footwear

I would say your footwear is one of the most important things to consider and best not to skimp on the quality of the boots. The Pacific Northwest can be tricky terrain at times. Sharp rocks, roots, mud or loose dirt and gravel are frequently found on the trails. A good structured boot that is waterproof will be your savior on many trails.

Hiking Backpacks

Whether you are headed out for a short day hike or a long trek to the summit of a mountain, a pack is always a good idea. It provides a locker to store snacks, tools and extra water and clothing you may want to throw on or take off. It is important to get one that is good quality and distributes the weight evenly for longer treks.

Hiking Accessories

There are so many hiking accessories out there that we could only recommend a few, but the possibilities are endless. I like to bring a stove even for day hikes, as making a full meal out in the wild can be fun and provides a unique experience. I rarely head out without my hammock, you never know when a midday nap will be in order.

There you have it. The Pacific Northwest has some amazing places to explore, it should be on everyone’s bucketlist. Hopefully this gives you some information to help prepare you for your visit and hiking in the PNW. See you on the trails!

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