Tokyo’s best vegan restaurants

Tokyo is one of the most breathtaking cities in the world, with so much to see and do: remarkable innovation in technology decorates the luminous streets, filled with locals and tourists enjoying some sake in copious thriving restaurants. Japan may be famed for its sushi and seafood, but the world’s most populous city is expanding its vegan range. It seems to always have several new restaurants popping up all over the capital. Veganism is a worldwide concept, yet each country produces its unique take on the dietary choice, and there are few countries that do it as enticingly as Japan. Have a look at Tokyo’s best vegan restaurants to get your tofu craving taste buds salivating.

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5 of Tokyo’s best vegan restaurants

1) T’s Tantan

You’ve probably had a few bowls of tasty ramen over the years. I doubt it would be as delicious as the noodle dish at T’s Tantan. Typical Japanese ramen is littered in meat and mixed with milk and egg-based noodles. This signature dish is blended with a wholesome mix of tofu and soy milk – a delectable combination. Most vegan dishes will be very budget-friendly here too. You can get a satisfying taste and full stomach for around 900 yen, a bargain for the size and quality of the food.

2) Ain Soph

Whether you’re planning on traversing Japan by yourself or trusting a savvy tour company to book it for you. You won’t be experienced by the wealth of wonderful culinary options. Ain Soph offers something a little different from your typical Tokyo joint. They serve a Japanese take on Western foods such as burgers, burritos and some curries.

Whilst the main dishes alone make it a worthwhile visit, the true jewel in the crown lies in the sweeter stuff. The vegan pancakes are to die for. The place is famous for its vegan pancakes, and after having a taste, you’ll understand why.

3) Tofu Ryori Sorano

This quaint place off the beaten track provides a Japanese take on tapas: many small dishes can be picked for a variety of flavors. They also offer a few vegetarian dishes, but the main brunt of the menu is comprised of tofu, aubergine and avocado to satisfy even the most devout vegans. The grilled tofu is so tantalizing here that your non-vegan friends will be considering joining the vegan bandwagon.

4) Kaemon Buffet

Everyone enjoys a buffet, and for just 1500 yen, you can enjoy as much plant-based food as you can eat at this hearty restaurant in the middle of the capital. If you’re really one for practicing discipline with your food, Kaemon Buffet is a Buddhist restaurant that also allows no sugar, onions or garlic. Embrace the aromatic blend of spices for a truly unique taste.

5) Nagi Shokodu

The authentically cool Shibuya district is just one of many fascinating areas to visit in Tokyo, yet very few have restaurants as diverse and inviting as Nagi Shokodu. The combination of local and international dishes means there’s something on the menu for everyone. You get to choose between soy meat or soup for your main dish. You really will feel spoiled for choice in any of Tokyo’s fine vegan joints.

Photo by Alex Knight on Unsplash

There you have it, some great vegan spots to start off with while exploring the giant city of Tokyo. You are sure to find dozens and dozens of more options in the city to alleviate your cravings.

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