The Adventure Workout Template: Preparing For Your Next Adventure

The Adventure Workout Template: Preparing For Your Next Adventure

An Adventure can provide a whole range of unique experiences and challenges. Some are only truly realized after completing it. Some are realized during the journey. Preparing for an adventure is an adventure in of itself. With this Adventure Workout Template I hope to prepare you for your next great adventure. Whether you are out on the distant pathways of the world or in the confides of your own backyard.

The Adventure Workout Template: Preparing For Your Next AdventureAs a full time traveler and adventurer, I can attest to that fact that adventure is enjoyed best when you are prepared for it. It can make the difference between having a life changing memory of joy for years to come or a nightmare of story you want to soon forget. So with that being said, try to incorporate some of these tips and tricks into your normal exercise routine and use this Adventure Workout Template to help prepare your body and mind for adventure.

Adventure Workout Template Step 1

Mental Preparation: How to get into the right mindset

When preparing for an adventure or any hard task, preparing your mind can make a difference on your success. Getting in the right mindset during your training will not only help you prepare for each adventure. It is a process that stays with you even if your body is no longer prepared. Creating those synapses in the brain can alter your way of thinking for any experience you face in the future.

The Adventure Workout Template: Preparing For Your Next AdventureCreating a never give up attitude and testing that can give you the fortitude and confidence needed to succeed. It can start by simple tasks and easy accomplishments. Most humans are easily swayed in one way or another by being influenced by the world around them. Just look at modern or ancient politics. Those who can adjust their habits and change the way they see the world and interact with it end up being the ones who encourage others one way or another.

The Adventure Workout Template: Preparing For Your Next AdventureI am not saying you have to be a monster in the gym, an ultra marathon runner or CEO of a company. But each time you think to yourself that you should give up and you do give up on whatever task you are doing, (ie: hiking a trail, completing a workout, or finishing a project) that creates a synapse or connection in the brain, which makes it easier to give up in the future. The same is true when you do not give up. It makes it easier and easier mentally to finish.

You can create these synapses in small tasks. You can then slowly build up to harder and harder tasks. Just like exercise or learning a language, consistency is key!

So think to yourself every time you feel like giving up, “do I want to make it easier or harder for me in the future?” Each decision you make can have a butterfly effect on your future.

Adventure Workout Template Step 2

Preparing Your Body: What to do

Exercise is not always easy. Many people have heard the phrase, “if it was easy, then everyone would do it.” This is completely true. And I am not here to tell you that you have to exercise. You Have to Exercise!! I am here to tell you that exercise will exponentially help you have better and more unique adventures. And as a big bonus you get a better chance to live longer, save money on health care, feel better, look younger and eat more!

The key to exercise is three fold. First is to create that mindset we discussed above. The second is do the right exercise for your lifestyle and goals. Three is consistency of the first two.

The Adventure Workout Template: Preparing For Your Next AdventureI like to tell clients to train like your life depends on it, because someday it might. I know that is an extreme viewpoint, but it does work. It puts you in the right mindset and enables you to prepare for any situation. Many of my clients are competitors, so this saying may not work for most people. Let’s change it to “you do not know what adventure in is your future, so train for that.” In other words, create an all around good routine that can help with most things that come your way.

I would suggest a good mix of functional cardio and functional weight training. This means try to do exercises that either help or simulate real word activities.

Functional Cardio

Walking or running on a flat treadmill will probably not simulate an adventure the best. A stair climber, elevated treadmill or rowing machine would be a better option in the gym.

Here are a few more functional cardio exercises to try:

  • Ball Slams
  • Wall Balls
  • Hill Sprints
  • Roll up to Box Jump
  • Sled Pulls
  • Battle Ropes



Functional Strength

The Adventure Workout Template: Preparing For Your Next AdventureHeavy bicep and leg curls are not the best adventure preparing strength exercises. Weighted walking lunges and cable lat pulls would be much better options. Now I am not saying to not do regular weight training in the gym. I do a whole array of exercises in the gym. Each exercise works muscles differently and can shape and strengthen the body. If you have the time, by all means go for it. When you are short on time and your main goal is preparing for adventure. Then stick to well rounded exercises that utilize multiple muscle groups and simulate a real world activity.

Here are a few more of my favorite functional strength exercises for the gym:

  • Deadlift
  • Power Clean
  • Pullup/Chinup
  • Front Squat to Shoulder Press
  • T-Pushup
  • Burpee to Broad Jump
  • Kettlebell Swing
  • Farmers Carry

Adventure Workout Template Step 3

Prioritize Your Training: Adding a routine to your life

The Adventure Workout Template: Preparing For Your Next AdventureNone of this matters if you can not input this into your weekly life schedule. As a traveler I have the extra difficultly of finding places to workout.  I not only work but I am traveling from place to place. Finding gyms or places to workout can be tough when you do not know the area. This is where the mindset really comes into play. I also travel with suspension straps to help with the ability to workout anywhere.

Near the top of my priority list is exercise. Even above work or travel. The way I look at it is there will always be more work to do. The work will still be there after I exercise. Even more so, research shows up you are more productive and more creative when you have a consistent exercise routine in place.

It is all in how you view things. I make time to use the bathroom, I make time to eat, I make time to work, I make time to sleep, I make time to watch a TV show or movie and I make time to exercise. Life is about experiences. It is also about enjoying those experiences. Most of the time if I need to find extra time, I take that time from work. I work to live, I do not live to work. And for me to fully enjoy all the adventures life has to offer, exercise is a must.


In closing

The Adventure Workout Template: Preparing For Your Next AdventureSo if you want to truly enjoy your next adventure. If you want to boost your ability to experience new adventures you may not be able to do today. Give this Adventure Workout Template a go. Create that mindset of success for your future and prepare your body for the next adventure life throws at you. And as always if you need help or motivation, I am always an email away!








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  1. Thanks for the comment James! Ironman is ideal for this sort of mindset. Congrats on pushing yourself and realizing your potential. One of the things the military taught me many years ago, was that your body can do so much more than you think it can. Once you come to realize that you can harness that in your training. Competitions like Ironman are great places to see that ability come to light. Thumbs up to you my friend!

  2. Great post and spot on with the 3 segments here. I train and compete in Ironman triathlon and that helps in all sorts of ways when it comes to travel. But by far the biggest advantage is knowing that you can do it and be outside your comfort zone yet still enjoy and love the experience.

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