Motivational Movies to Pump You Up

The best motivational movies can pump you up so much it is almost like they are actually injecting you with adrenaline. Motivation is essential to help drive you to reach your fitness goals.

I love to watch scenes from some of these movies before a competition, race or even a gym workout session. If you have not seen these, put them on your list. For those who have, here is a reminder of some great scenes to help boost your motivation for your next battle at the gym.

Rocky I -V

Inspirational story of a nobody boxer from Philly who gets a chance to fight for and eventually becomes the heavyweight champ. These movies show how having enough heart can make all the difference. No giving up after watching these. So many good scenes!


Based on one of the most iconic battles in history. Warrior mentality at its finest. How a few can alter history. You will want to head straight to the gym or battlefield after watching this.

Remember the Titans

A heartwarming film. This movie shows how two groups of people can come together as a team when everything around them is trying to tear them apart.


A true story about an underdog college kid who never gives up even when there is little hope of achieving his goal of playing for the Notre Damne FootBall team.

Pumping Iron

Two of the most physical men of our time show a behind the scenes documentary in the bodybuilding world and what it takes to master there unique sport.

GI Jane

The story of a female soldier trying out for the historically all male Navy Seals special operations unit. Truly shows that gender is just a word when you have enough determination and heart.

Fight Club

Unique story of one man’s changing perception on life and the world he creates to change it. What is the first rule of Fight Club? Wrap your head around this one!

Karate Kid

This is one of the best motivational films of the 80’s and I still love it. Classic bullied kid gets mentored and taught to fight, but the real lesson is how not to fight.

Enter the Dragon

The ultimate Kung Fu film starring non other than Bruce Lee at his best.


A Roman general becomes a slave, a slave becomes a hero, a hero inspires an empire. What is there to not get motivational about?


True story of how one man inspires a nation to start a revolution and win their freedom!


A one man army in the form of Stallone is good at one thing, winning! There are many Rambos with many scenes to choose from. It was hard to choose one for this post.

Hope you enjoyed this list. I know there are many other movies with lots of motivational scenes. This was a taste of some of my favorites. Feel free to comment with your favorites. Feeling motivated? Check out our Online Fitness Services and reach your fitness goals.

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