How Adventure Can Alter Time As We Know It

Fountain of Youth

Can adventure control time? I think it is safe to say that everyone has heard the term “fountain of youth“. Actually various cultures and groups have been searching for the so called fountain of youth since the dawn of civilization.

People have explored this vast planet, killed each other and even died in their search for it. What if I told you that all those people actually made that discovery. They had the ability to control time and discovered a way to stay young and vibrant.
The real key to staying young and staying happy is the adventure in life. The “what if scenarios” and the “can I do that?” mental questions you repeat in your head is where the secret to time lies. Everyone is born with the ability, but few people utilize it.

I don’t want an uneventful and safe life, I prefer an adventurous one.

Father Time

The greatest people in history have been those who decided to do something unique, take a different path and take a risk. It is in those sacred moments that you find the ability to beat father time and really live.

father time

For humans time can be based on personal perception. For example minutes can pass by like hours when you are bored or hours turn into minutes when you are having a blast. They say time is precious. I prefer to say precious time is precious.

One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.


Now we come to the adventure part. Some say adventure comes from the unfamiliar. When you set off to do something you have little experience with or have never done before then there comes with that a sense of risk. You are not sure what the outcome will be. Your senses become heightened and your mind begins to open up. You begin to see the world around you a little differently.

hot air balloon cappadocia
Maybe you are white water rafting or kayaking for the first time. Waves are splashing the boat, you can barely see what is going on. The raft is bouncing up and down and left and right. You are smashing into each wall of water and you are pretty sure you may be flung from the boat.
Yet you have this huge smile of your face. Your heart is pumping and you know this moment will be with you for years to come. You have truly lived the moment in a sense.

Imagine you are hiking a wooded trail on a mountain. The trail is fairly steep, dry and rocky. Your hiking shoes gripping the rocks. You are almost to the top. It is almost sunset and you are running out of light. You want to see the sun go down before you make camp.
You finally reach the summit. Your pack is removed and you take a seat on a mossy boulder. Now you can see the entire mountain range in front of you and the sun has lit up the entire sky as it begins to fall behind the horizon. As you sit there staring you feel like you could sit here and stare at this masterpiece forever.

These moments in life rarely find their way to you. You have to seek them out. You have to step out of your box and out of your comfort zone. When you find these moments, you will in turn have found a way to control time.

Adventure is worthwhile in itself.

How to begin

You can start as easy as joining some friends for a hike or as hard as registering for a Tough Mudder obstacle race. Maybe add a little adventurous side trip to your next vacation or try a new sport you thought you could never do. Time may be linear, but we are not.

Remember to always find new routes, new adventures and new experiences. Those are where you will find those small moments in time that can seem to last forever. The moments you will cherish and share with others. There you will find your fountain of youth.

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