Top activities in Malta for the Adventurous Traveller

If you think of Malta, you might picture golden beaches, quiet walks through quaint villages, or towering temples, set against the azure ocean. It certainly has a lot to offer in terms of history and culture, but there is more to this fascinating island for the adventurous traveler to discover plus lots of activities in Malta for everyone to enjoy.

Explore the Seas

The year-round warm weather makes swimming, sailing, and diving a pleasant prospect at whatever time of year you visit Malta. The area has become particularly popular with novice divers, thanks to warm waters which are remarkably clear – giving incredible views of the wreck of wartime destroyer HMS Maori, which sits on the shallow sea bed. Further out, more experienced divers can enjoy navigating the Blue Hole, a 15-meter drop with a stunning archway that leads back to the open seas, nine meters down.

scuba activities in Malta

If scuba diving doesn’t take your fancy, you can explore much of the gorgeous coastline via boat. In fact, many of the quiet, secluded bays are only accessible by sailing to them. The good news is that it’s quite straightforward to charter a boat in Malta, or just join one of the regularly scheduled sightseeing trips on offer around the island. Take in the iconic Crystal Lagoon, or visit the nearby island of Gozo on a romantic sunset cruise.

Reach the Highest Peaks

Much of the Maltese archipelago is formed of durable limestone. As keen climbers will know, limestone is very resistant to erosion, meaning that it forms impressive vertical cliffs with solid overhangs. In fact, over 1,200 climbing routes have been mapped in the 17 major rock climbing areas in Malta. You will find a range of challenging routes with overhangs and roof climbs, as well as simple routes for beginners, some of which are also great for bouldering and abseiling.

Explore the Island

Whether you’re visiting Malta for a quick weekend getaway or enjoying a longer stay, you should definitely make time to explore the stunning coastline, countryside, and valleys. Getting around on foot is easy and there are a number of popular walking routes, ranging from the simple to the challenging. Particular highlights are the windmill walk around Zurrieq and the captivating Bahrija walk, which takes in some of the most gorgeous cliffs and beaches, with outstanding views out across the Mediterranean Sea.

You can also get around Malta really easily on two wheels. The lovely scenery and safe roads mean that you can access any part of the island by bicycle, especially since the island introduced two circular routes starting in Rabat, and a third spectacular circuit of the smaller island of Gozo. If you want to explore Comino, the smallest of the three islands in the Maltese archipelago, a bicycle is the perfect way to do so, because the island is entirely car-free.

So for adventurous travelers looking for their next great getaway, Malta has a lot to offer. You’ll find all kinds of structured activities in Malta like organized dives and sailing trips, or you can free-form it, exploring the stunning surroundings on your own schedule to your heart’s content.

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